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Designing a scientific experiment (with a focus on inquiry and not correct results) exposes students to practices of gaining knowledge relevant for both science and engineering.
This delay is not the quantifiable time of the scientific experiment, nor the collectively determined time of Clark's seances, but an immeasurable experience determined by one's own physicality that is as unique as each person's recovery from a trip to a distant time zone.
A scientific experiment with birds demonstrates that you are more likely to get what you want if you
The ascent of Cho Oyu was not only a mountaineering achievement, but also a scientific experiment.
Her acrobat dancers, from two to seven of them, repeated a given sequence multiple times, like confirmatory runs in a scientific experiment.
Among them is the simple fact that the marketing of such a genetically altered product represents nothing more than a scientific experiment on a breathtakingly grand scale.
Perhaps the major contribution made to science by Popper emerges from his argument that the job of scientific experiment is to seek evidence not to support a proposed theory but, rather, to refute it.
A clinical trial is a scientific experiment testing the efficacy or usefulness and the safety of a new drug or device for a disease in people who have that disease.
Heidegger and four of his contemporaries participate in his scientific experiment on aging.
The pellet hit a student in the leg after rebounding off a table during a scientific experiment.
In our slot aimed at shining the spotlight on budding authors, Tony Franks gives us the inside story on his first novel The Daganhoyt Saga He said: "In my sci-fi novel, human beings are the product of a scientific experiment, one that has gone wrong - hence we are a mistake that is to be corrected.
Mediums may now have to issue disclaimers such as "this is a scientific experiment, the results cannot be guaranteed" before making contact with the other side.

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