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The first scientific experiment of its kind has revealed that beautiful car design can tangibly evoke a powerful range of feelings that are on a par with the most basic of human emotions.
This has led scientists and researchers to anticipate the movement of particles and performance of light cables at highly accelerated radioactive levels resulting from this great scientific experiment.
A GALWAY student has taken part in a US scientific experiment to combat chemical attacks.
The site is home to a scientific experiment that uses internet connected computers used in the ongoing search for intelligent beings from other worlds.
To quote the review of the hardcover in KLIATT, November 2000: In the year 2000, two feisty elderly women are among the nursing home residents selected to be in a scientific experiment called Project Turnabout.
The film itself bounces around between its story lines -- Stephen Rea plays an honest cop working for a bad government, Stephen Fry is a TV personality looking for courage, and then there's that terrible scientific experiment -- before it pulls itself together for the big-bang ending that these types of films inevitably have.
A scientific experiment, Day and Gastel explain, is not complete until its results are published.
This delay is not the quantifiable time of the scientific experiment, nor the collectively determined time of Clark's seances, but an immeasurable experience determined by one's own physicality that is as unique as each person's recovery from a trip to a distant time zone.
A scientific experiment with birds demonstrates that you are more likely to get what you want if you
The ascent of Cho Oyu was not only a mountaineering achievement, but also a scientific experiment.
Her acrobat dancers, from two to seven of them, repeated a given sequence multiple times, like confirmatory runs in a scientific experiment.
But that is a statement of faith and not something that I or anyone else can prove in a scientific experiment.

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