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The scientific organization of humanity, the dictatorship of scientifical spirit, the change of man's moral nature represent altogether aims towards which science becomes means.
The authors thank Abdon Cortes Lombana (Scientific Research and Environmental Studies Center of the University), for his enthusiasm and scientifical advise; Daniel Gutierrez, inestimable collaborator on field trips; and especially to the families from the Espalda and Cubo villages, who gave us their generous assistance and let us use their reservoirs as experimentation places.
The true deist has but one Deity; and his religion consists in contemplating the power, wisdom, and benignity of the Deity in his works, and in endeavoring to imitate him in every thing moral, scientifical, and mechanical.
The scientifical approach of the system therapy is problem-solving based upon epistemology, biology and modern physics of non-linear dynamics.
36) All the manuscript documentation concerning this case is in the British Museum-Natural History Archives-'Welwitsch' (DF 404 26-50); Bernardino Antonio Gomes, As coleccoes da expedicao scientifica Africana ordenada pelo governo de Portugal em 1851 e o direito a ella perante os tribunais em Londres / The collections of the African scientifical (sic) expedition ordered by the Portuguese government in 1851 and the right of this government to them, before the English courts of justice (Lisbon: Imprensa Nacional, 1875).
Looking at the reactions from the industry, the information director of Nokia Mobile Phones, Tapio Hedman, thinks that the British report is mainly positive for the mobile phone users -- there are no scientifical evidence of mobile phones being a health risk and many reports from around the globe have reach the same conclusions, Hedman said.
The colonial expansion of Portugal and Castile through the Renaissance gave as a result an important development of Cosmography and the ways to measure time and space: the necessity of political and scientifical precission asa consequence of the signature and fullfilment of international treaties like "Tratado de Alcacobas-Toledo (1479-80)" or "Tratados de Tordesillas (1494)".
Once this network has been established the same model, with the appropiate adaptations, could be applied in other Colombian regions for Capacity Building in Tropical Biology or other scientifical fields.
His great 'faculty' in writing was such that 'with the help of a journeyman or two, he could produce you a History and Survey of London and Westminster, a Dictionary of Arts and Sciences, a Bible, with notes explanatory, critical, geographical, scientifical, orthodoxical, heterodoxical, metaphysical, etc, etc, in more volumes in folio than they took him weeks in compiling' (182).
to comprehend many rules of the modern law in a scholarlike scientifical
The GARR main structure is a board named OTS (Organismo Tecnico Scientifico - technical scientifical board), whose members are appointed by MURST (Ministero per l'Universita e la Ricerca Scientifica a Tecnologica), the Department for Universities and Scientifical and Technical Research.
It stipulated that the legislature should encourage "the promotion of intellectual, scientifical, and agricultural improvement.

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