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Even if a study of natural science, no matter how strictly it requires scientificity, it is still not lack of some "romantic" ideals.
From my understanding, the challenge here would be to develop (arqueogenealogical) studies that evidence the articulation of this notion with new forms of government of individuals and collectives, instead of merely sticking to the studies that seek to support the scientificity or not of this concept, from a scientificistic, epistemological and/or cognitive perspective.
Henceforth, his theorization of poetry is boosted by his use of objectivity and scientificity as prime conditions of art.
The ideas of supremacy of parliament and deification of the law, either as an expression of the general will or as an guaranty instrument of equality of all citizens, allow to consolidate during the nineteenth century a positivist conception that, setting the law as the main source of Law and making codification the flag for scientificity and modernity of legal systems, all lead back the Law to the State: the administrative legality is, in this precise context, the expression of "statefication" of the entire legal system.
I am quite certain that once the values behind psychiatric diagnoses are out in the open, some of the DSM diagnoses will lose much of the aura of scientificity that they still have today in the lay public.
14) Although by now it has become patently clear that the battle for scientificity in literary studies will be waged on moral grounds, Avtonomova does not appear to have the requisite weapons for it.
What I find fascinating about this process is its wayward scientificity.
When I see you trying to establish the scientificity of Marxism I do not really think that you are demonstrating once and for all that Marxism has a rational structure and therefore its prepositions are the outcome of verifiable procedures for me, you are doing something altogether different, you are investing Marxist discourse and those who uphold them with the effects of power which the West since Medieval times has attributed to science and has reserved for those engaged in scientific discourse.
The regulations which govern medical ethics need to meet the criteria of scientificity at three levels: health, risk and intervention.
Though such vast reductions pretend to scientific impartiality, Robinson concludes, they are anything but disinterested readings of the evidence; rather, such reductive projects constitute a "parascientific" literature that is rife with ideological illusions of scientificity (36), i.
He argues as to the scientificity of this discipline in the 'Discours preliminaire' which serves as the introduction to the Traite.