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Warncke united several species groups in his Truncandrena, which obviously are not closely related, but all these species neither have unusually narrow foveae nor unusually short hairs of the scopa.
Etude au microscope eletronique a balayage des scopas collectrices de pollen chez les Colletidae et les Oxaeidae (Hymenoptera, Apoidea).
The composite flower heads are frequently small, probably rendering the uptake of pollen with the metasomal scopa more difficult for larger bees.
76) While a growing chorus of guidebooks on marriage and family life repeatedly warned men that all women are susceptible to excessive sexual desire, and as dress codes strained to keep their differences visually clear, ritual contexts like the palio and the punishment of the scopa brought the prostitute and the wife desirous of extramarital sex into close proximity in the social imaginary.
Scopa has not received any communication from the IMC to confirm attendance for this evening.
Scopa is looking forward to the conclusion of this investigation and has requested the National Treasury to provide it with the reasons given by the South African Police Service (SAPS) when it requested deviations for the FDA contract.
Nasdaq: SPLS) today announced the promotion of Lisa Scopa to vice president, treasurer.
Scopa had a scheduled hearing this morning with the department on irregular, fruitless and wasteful expenditure.
La Zamira, poiche proprio lei era, cosi scarmigliata e discinta, una scopa a mano, cui precorreva adeguato gruzzolo di casalinghe lane e festuche e indefinibile pattume, accolse i due tipi con la salivosa lubricita del sorriso di mestiere e la falsita contadina dello sguardo.
Working with SCOPA RE as its real estate advisor, the foundation sought to jumpstart office-leasing efforts by retaining a team from CBRE and hired the city's pre-eminent security company.
Dudley: Suzanne Berube, Willie Bounphasaysonh, Cassie Dresser, Kelsey Hatch, Robin Levangie, Brian Sanford, Anthony Scopa, James Standring, Nicole Tyck and Melinda Wheeler.
DeLonghi said it was repositioning its Scopa portable uprights, in part to meet the demand for bare-floor cleaners.