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It is for Mr Cameron and all parties to stand by their promises to ensure that the promises made to the Scottish people are kept and actioned and that the rest of the UK also receive the same benefits and powers.
Cook, who died in 2005, might have led an anti-war movement among which Scottish people outraged that they had been made party to Anglo-US aggression would have bulked large.
Jason Briggs is one of the few who has reservations about the Scottish people voting Yes.
A Yes vote would indicate that it is the sovereign will of the Scottish people to be independent of the UK.
But while independence is the SNP's long-term aim, the suspicion is that Salmond himself knows that the Scottish people are not ready to leave the UK.
It would allow the Scottish people to remain in the United Kingdom, but with special privileges which should apply to other regions.
The reality of the situation is that further interference in Scottish affairs from a Prime Minister whose party has only one seat in Scotland is hardly going to endear himself, his party or his argument to the Scottish people.
And I think we owe the Scottish people something that is fair, legal and decisive.
In her address, the Queen told MSPs: "You were elected by the Scottish people to serve the Scottish people.
Her speech also attacked First Minister Jack Mc-Connell and she even managed a cheeky pop at SNP leader Alex Salmond, adding: "It seems the Scottish people think Jack McConnell is more conceited than Alex Salmond And let's be frank - that takes some doing
That the Scottish people have not taken to the streets by the thousand in violent protest at this obscenely irresponsible and most undemocratic [pounds sterling]430 million squandering of their tax money, is quite remarkable.
The exhibit chronicles the arrival of the Scottish people to Canada and features Chief Peguis, friend of the Selkirk Settlers, and Tom Prince, decorated veteran of the Second World War.

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