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Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], August 7 ( ANI ): Mumbai Police on Monday siezed a huge cache of explosives from a scrap yard in Mumbra and arrested three people in this regard.
Some owners remove their cars, while many seem not to bother and we even have some who take the scrap yard as a place to keep their car and pay their fine within three months before taking it back.
Residents were evacuated from their homes on Wednesday evening as firefighters spent two hours battling the "15ft blaze" at the scrap yard.
About 100 tyres caught fire in a scrap yard, in Rowley's Green Lane, sending huge plumes of smoke billowing into the sky which could be seen from miles around as drivers made their way to work.
The iScrap App has been increasing the traffic to hundreds of scrap yards listed on their directory with over 102,000 downloads since April 2011 and over 5 million online page views since inception in October 2011.
It's alleged that the Wednesfield scrap yard owner had 88 gas bottles and beer kegs that are owned by brewery and gas firms.
Officers visited 33 scrap yards across North Wales over two weeks and discovered stolen cables at a third of them.
expands scrap yard operation in Taiwan(C)1994-2012 ENPublishing - http://www.
Children's toys are stolen, maybe they too end up in the scrap yard.
in Cicero, and the scrap yard is on South Paulina Street in Chicago, the agency reported.
Fahd Hussein, a Saudi resident in the area, told Arab News that small groups of African nationals, including women and children, were seen collecting these materials and assembling them together at designated places, before taking them to the scrap yard in Al-Mansour district.