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A recent decline in the price paid for stainless steel to 45 cents per pound may be lessening the appeal of scrap yard sales.
Firefighters were called to the blaze at Williamstown Scrap Yard in Rhondda at 5.
The two girls and their mother stay at the scrap yard for the night.
Wilcox was in the scrap yard office with other men.
The cause of the blaze at a scrap yard three miles outside the city still isn't known.
scrap yard in Teesside, as part of a 15-ship, pounds 10 million deal between Able UK and the US Maritime Administration which manages the reserve fleet.
AT least 2,000 cars were destroyed in a huge fire at a scrap yard yesterday.
The Murmansk scrap yard has been targeted to handle the subs, which are based nearby.
Remediation of the second scrap yard, located on the Ohio River, is underway.
Tenders are invited for Hiring of one non-AC vehicle (Tata Sumo/Tavera or same segment vehicle) for a period of one year with driver to ferry Crew and Guards between Virar Railway Station and Virar old scrap yard.
The bus, owned by Stagecoach, was coming down Walker Road in Newcastle when it hit a stationary truck which was parked outside a scrap yard.