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Hayden 1977), and is one model of Middle Palaeolithic scrapers (Dibble 1987).
Photo: Built-in scrapers,cut from white acrylic strips, fit in grooves near ends of mat made of redwood 1-by-2s with 1-by-1 spacers
One frozen winter morning the inventor found himself without a traditional scraper to clean his ice-covered windshield and was pressed to use miscellaneous objects from the garage.
This observation may have some explanatory value for southwest Tasmania assemblages if it can be demonstrated that many thumbnail scrapers used after 18,000 b.
Insert the scraper tip so that its rounded side is up.
These towed scrapers are used primarily in medium and small construction-type jobs -- for site preparation and improvement, particularly on golf courses; on road construction projects; and in levee construction and maintenance.
The contract is for the supply of brand new chains, links, scrapers together with fasteners, working in underground coal-mining in explosive methane and coal dust under the provisions of the Terms of Reference broken down into tasks - Task No.
Most scrapers have original liners dating from when the vehicles were fielded back in the mid-80s.
So when cleaning time arrives, don't use any files, scrapers, or abrasive materials, such as sandpaper, to remove the gunk from the internal gun surfaces.
Additionally, with over 50 scrapers included in the sale, this auction will be one of the largest scraper sales in Company history.
Scrusher Shoe Scrapers Clean Your Entire Shoe Both Sides Top And Bottom.
Contract award: the contract is the supply for jsw sa mines complete scrapers and clamps for scrapers conveyors with a total of 10 570 pcs.