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The Killie boss said: "We are scraping the barrel in terms of personnel but when that happens to a team they can sometimes get a result.
The Labour Party is desperately scraping the barrel to find anyone in order to form a government.
Gordon Brown has just given his full support, in our name, to the very unpopular President Bush who is scraping the barrel looking for friends like him.
Chris Evans really has been scraping the barrel in his attempt to re-ignite his TV career.
As I may on occasion have pointed out, they've spent most of this year scraping the barrel - but they still decided to roll it out.
And looking at the gang they've gathered here, the Beeb really has been scraping the barrel.
Kevin Lisbie, Shaun Bartlett, Richard Rufus and Gary Rowett are all sidelined and gaffer Alan Curbishley is really scraping the barrel at present.
I think Channel 4 must be scraping the barrel a little to make up their top 10 of TV male tottie.
While the former Everton captain prepares to open the cheque book, his counterpart Walter Smith will be scraping the barrel for funds.
I feel he is now scraping the barrel for any sleaze he can find, despite Councillor Allah Dita, leader of the Justice Party, saying Councillor Lines has always treated him and his party with the utmost respect.
The attacks are unfounded and rather desperate attacks on our members and they are really scraping the barrel.
We think they were scraping the barrel and found a soft target.