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With the integration of the gear pump, the single screw extruder is freed from building up pressure.
Conical screw extruders for film recycline and crammer feeders.
Twin screw extruders produce chemical and physical changes in products mainly through macromixing and micromixing.
BUSS, a Swiss company, makes single screw extruders with the wiped surface capability of a twin screw that provides excellent mixing without temperature and pressure buildup.
The aim of the PEPTFlow project is to investigate the flow behaviour and mixing mechanisms in a twin screw extruder and to develop flow simulation and modelling software, and improve the design of twin screw extruders.
In the configuration schematically depicted in figure 1, the excellent feeding properties of the single screw extruder are used to effectively fill the gear pump, while the pump is used to generate the high straining pressures without causing excessive temperatures.
Leistritz says: "A Nano--16 twin screw extruder will be operated publicly for the first time, processing 20-gram and 100-gram micro-batches.
is said to be the only company in Europe to apply a continuous process on a co-rotating twin screw extruder for the production of hot melt adhesives used for high quality sealing tapes.
Continuous mixing of EPDM rubber by a co-rotating twin screw extruder is highlighted in this four-page brochure.
A dual-purpose twin screw extruder system has been introduced for use in wide ranging color and related dispersive mixing applications.
The TM20LAB co-rotating twin screw extruder is suitable to perform the same processes which can be realized on the industrial extruder, according to the company's six-page, four-color brochure.