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Hesse PP (1994) The record of continental dust from Australia in Tasman Sea sediments.
The measurement of the isotopic composition of plutonium in an Irish sea sediment by mass spectrometry.
The first signs of eutrophication in the Baltic Sea sediments are detected in the mid-1800s, although eutrophication strongly intensified only after the early to mid-1900s (Andren et al.
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Sea sediments in 188 to 211 depths indicated the sea water onrush which had following species:
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Director John Williams said: "The majority of our instruments are used for geological studies to establish the origins and the fate of rocks as diverse as moon dust, meteorites, deep sea sediments, gemstones and lavas.
The miniature machine is found in sea sediments, meaning that it may be able to help produce power in poor or remote areas.
Mercury and hydrocarbon levels are high in sea sediments.