Sea shore

SEA SHORE, property. That space of land, on the border of the sea, which is alternately covered and left dry, by the rising and falling of the tide or, in other words, that space of land between high and low water mark. Hargr, Tr. 12; 6 Mass. 435, 439; 1 Pick. 180, 182; 5 Day, 22.
     2. Generally, the sea shore belongs to the public. Angell on Tide Wat. 34, 5; 3 Kent's Com. 347.
     3. By the Roman law, the shore included the land as far as the greatest wave extended in winter; est autem littus, maris, quatenus hibernus, fluctus maximus excurrit. Inst. lib. 2, t. 1, s. 3. Littus publicum est eatenus qua maxime fluctus exaestuat. Dig., lib, 50, t. 16, s. 112.
     4. The Civil Code of Louisiana seems to have followed the law of the Institutes and the Digest, for it enacts, art. 442, that the "sea shore is that space, of land over which the waters of the sea are spread in the highest water, during the winter season." Vide. 5 Rob. Adm. R. 182; Dougl. 425; 1 Halst. R. 1; 2 Roll. Ab. 170; Dyer, 326; 5 Co. 107; Bac. Ab., Courts of Admiralty,, A; 1 Am. Law Mag. 76; 16 Pet. R. 234, 367 Ang. on Tide Waters, Index, tit. Shore; 2 Bligh's N, S. 146; 5 M. & W. 327 Merl. Quest. de Droit, mots Rivage de la Mer; Inst. 2, 1, 2; 22 Maine, R. 350. For the law of Mass. vide Dane's Ab. c. 68, a 3, 4.

References in classic literature ?
As for the day time, he spent it on the rocks and on the sea shore, weeping, crying aloud for his despair, and always looking out upon the sea.
He got all those pebbles on the sea shore, abreast the ship, but professes to have gathered them from one of our party.
Contract award notice: Protection of the sea shore between dziwnwek, Dziwnow and rewal, And trzesacz through artificial shore supply.
Gazprom kicked off the construction of the pipeline's seabed section off the Russian Black Sea shore on May 7.
Mountains -- Sinai trekking #2 Valleys rich with a variety of plants, highlighted by the mangrove trees, which grow right on the sea shore.
At that time the reputation of North Wales seas and rivers were at a low ebb as to the water qualities and environs such as the sea shore.
The CBI, meanwhile, is gearing up for raids on the Sea Shore group of companies.
Please Stay SCOTLAND, dear Scotland please don't divorce us Not 'til I've played one or two more of your courses From lowlands to highlands, east coast to west Your courses and people are some of the best I've played with people from all walks of life But sad to say I've not yet played in the kingdom of Fife By river and stream and along the sea shore, No golfer could ask for anything more But if you leave us never again 'fore' in your land will I shout You see Scotland dear, my passport's run out.
The Army has asked tourists and beach-goers in Tel Aviv and other cities to leave the sea shore in fear of the continuous missile launching.
There is a grave need to create awareness among the sea shore visitors to avoid dropping food wrappers, shopping bags or other waste items as it badly affects the water quality as well as environment which, too, affects the whole ecosystem.
Sri Lankans were very successful in combating Tamil separatists by driving them on to the sea shore and giving them the option of being drowned or shot.
Sea Shore Science Michael Glaser will discuss the sea shore and animals who make it their home, 3 p.