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Penelope Skuse said: "Yes we have major probs with seagulls in West Bute Street, they rip open our rubbish bags daily and the council won't provide bins.
The two horses disturbed most by close encounters with seagulls at meetings this summer both went on to win, but Arkell is concerned their presence on the course while a race is in progress could have serious consequences.
The Cardiff seagulls must have very sophisticated taste - it didn't drop it
Here we go again, every year it's the same old stories; 'I was attacked by a man-eating seagull', 'Mad bird carried off my little Johnny', 'Mugged by a hooded seagull for my Clarks Pie'.
The unexpected gauntlet has arisen after landlord Eric Harmer discovered the seagulls had taken up residence in his roof when he came to do some repairs.
Mr Rock, why don't you take a stroll down any Cardiff street and watch seagulls fighting for a half-eaten pie, or a takeaway?
Seagulls, pigeons, starlings etc do an admirable job of cleaning the streets of waste food that filthy human beings leave behind them.
This means more seagulls visit public places and private gardens, where food is readily available.
SCAVENGER A seagull on the lookout for easy pickings.
My friendship with seagulls is now at a crisis point," he added.
Birds of prey could be seen patrolling the streets of Beaumaris in a bid to alleviate the town's problem with "dangerous" and "aggressive" seagulls, which have been seen flying off with steaks and sandwiches from diners' plates at some of the town's eateries.
But let's be honest, encounters with seagulls usually involve them stealing your chips, emptying their guts onto your new suit or waking you up with all their mates by making a cacophony of squawks just as your hangover kicks in first thing in the morning.