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SEARCHER, Eng. law. An officer of the customs, whose duty it is to examine and search all ships outward bound, to ascertain whether they have any prohibited or uncustomed goods on board.

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Although the item based recommendation provides collaborative recommendation based on pages searched, they do not cover the level of the searcher for recommendations.
The Army was the first to induct UAVs in the 90s starting with Searcher Mark I and Searcher Mark II, which could operate at an altitude of 15,000 feet and finally the Heron, which can operate at 30,000 feet.
The Searcher is available with eye-catching light green metallic paintwork, a cream and brown full leather interior, chrome front grille and door handles, roof rails, black bezel headlights, front and rear mud flaps as well as 18-inch silver alloy wheels.
Like athletes, Internet searchers need to keep up with changes in the game.
Considering the unique nature of archival materials, their handling requires some measure of maturity which only a searcher of matured mind is presumed to be in position to offer.
The average Web searcher has little understanding of the search process much less a fundamental ability to determine the effectiveness or exhaustivity of a search.
After identifying candidates, it is up to the searcher and the candidate to perform the appropriate due diligence to determine if the match is appropriate.
This places a personal searcher at some risk of not acquiring all of the information which might affect his or her interest in the land in question.
The Extreme Searchers Guide to Web Search Engines: A Handbook for the Serious Searcher (2nd Edition); Randolph Hock; CyberAge Books, Medford, NJ; 2001; 241 pp.
It determines what a searcher is looking for and extracts the most relevant documents or items.
Despite lagging considerably in terms of overall search share, the combined searcher penetration of Yahoo