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In addition to requiring that workers wear seat belts, the study noted that employers can take a number of steps to improve safety on the road, such as educating drivers on ways to avoid distracted and drowsy driving.
It is up to the officer if he/she fines the driver or not, but a lot of the time we just advise them on the importance of wearing seat belts and give them a warning.
Still, the number of states that adopted primary seat belt laws almost doubled from 2001 to 2012.
Right now, seat belts are mandatory only in front and back rows.
Two years ago Waltham became the first city in the state to require seat belts and shoulder straps on school buses, while almost all other communities do not require them.
Among drivers and front-seat passengers, seat belts reduce the risk of death by 45 per cent, and cut the risk of serious injury by 50 per cent.
Worse, as I found out from the Department of Transport (seat belts on school buses is not a devolved issue), there is no legal requirement for school buses to be fitted with seat belts at all for children as young as five and seven.
Answers should include greater awareness of seat belts reducing injury and death, and state laws requiring seat belts.
Adult seat belts are designed for passengers taller than 150cm and with an adult bone structure.
In 1983 the wearing of front seat belts became compulsory for adults.
There seems to be some confusion among the lay public and even among some clinicians about the benefits of wearing seat belts during pregnancy.
Everyone involved in the crash was wearing a seat belt, Myers said.