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Host Indonesia has included the men's and women's 200 meter and 500m for 10 and 20 seaters in the Palembang Games slated Aug.
They designed the seaters in this series so that they only touch the bullet on the ogive near the outside diameter of the bullet and left a deep cavity in the seater plug so that the tip of the bullet never touches the die.
Mahindra Navistar Automotives, a joint venture between India-based Mahindra and Mahindra (M&M) and International Truck and Engine Corporation, is introducing 15-18 seater and 32-42 seater buses in the 3.
The last time it produced a two-door four seater model was back 1989 with the Audi 80-based coupe.
The move to a four seater car is a big one for smart.
The EMAS is a five door four seater hatchback, while the EMAS Country is a three-door five-seater hatchback and the EMAS3 is a three-door 3+1-seater.
Delta's nonstop service to Alaska will be operated with 160 seater Boeing 737, 183 seater Boeing 757 and 285 seater Boeing 767 aircraft, all with two-class service with in-flight entertainment, meal service and Delta's snack and beverage programme.
Ektorp two seater sofa from pounds 220 from IKEA, 0845 355 1141, www.
The UK minibus market accounts for around 8,000 sales per year and with its four new products - a nine seater version of the Trafic and six, nine and 16 seaters based on the Master - Renault is aiming for over a 10 percent share of this sector.
It also boasts a FlexSpace seating configuration that transforms the in-terior from a five seater with 350 litre of luggage space into a two seater giving a flat 1.