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Though Presbyterians arrived in Ireland by way of Scotland in large numbers in the early 1600s, they rather quickly divided (or continued their divisions) into several splinter groups, including the conservative Old Light, Seceders (Burgher and Antiburgher), (Marrow men) and Covenanters, moderate New Light, Arians that formed the Remonstrant synod, liberals, non-subscribers and Unitarians.
However, when it comes to defining the nature of those "old ideas," specifically those of Scottish Seceder Calvinism, Harrold, otherwise scrupulously careful in the way he handles sources, resorts to grossly inaccurate generalizations.
They are an extension of Al Khawarij [the Seceders in the late 7th century who developed and adopted extreme doctrines, declaring other Muslims non-believers who could be killed]," he said in his statement last week
problems than abolitionists or seceders (2001, 13).
We may, nevertheless, be permitted to note that in the memorable engagement between the two bodies which have organised the Salons of 1890, victory has fallen to the lot of the seceders.
After 1870, when Pius IX secured the doctrine of infallibility from the First Vatican Council, there were more seceders who tried to create an Italian parallel to the Germanic 'Old Catholics', though their two significant leaders later parted, one returning to Rome and the other, the ecumenical pioneer Ugo Janni, becoming Waldensian.
Already in the first major confrontation over ratifying the Constitution, which took place in Pennsylvania several weeks after the close of the Constitutional Convention, the Seceders from the state Assembly called upon their electorate to consider whether the rights of citizens could be regarded as safe under a constitution which did not contain a bill of rights.
Here his main targets are the defenders of states' rights--a motley collection, for him, of nullifiers, seceders, and insurrectionists.