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But the low voting rate seems to result primarily from a realization that elections do not offer a real choice, which brings us to the second dimension of polyarchy.
The second dimension of the conceptual model involves potential and encountered discriminations--the former refers to possible discrimination as a result of disclosing one's sexual orientation, and the latter refers to discriminatory practices encountered by the person.
The second dimension is for health-care providers to begin participating in comparative performance-reporting programs and to document distinguished performance.
I am less sanguine about the second dimension of Marjara's project; his study of Milton's "scientific imagery," as he calls it, does not produce any new insights on the many moral and theological problems raised by the science of Paradise Lost, but rather seems intent on celebrating what we already know about Milton: that he was a great poet not a scientist.
Few examples of writing exist in the library literature that describe innovation in the context of the second dimension of the Miller and Friesen framework.
A second dimension involves classifying a culture on a low to high context communication continuum.