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Patterns of coalitions that divide across party lines are only one sign of a second dimension of Supreme Court decision making.
22) The one-dimensional assumption persists because (1) it is convenient--it makes measuring judicial preferences easy; (2) even though most scholars agree the assumption is inapt, due to simple path dependence, it goes unquestioned because others have done the same; and (3) it has never been clear how to tell if a second dimension exists.
To achieve optimal resolution and peak shape in 2D-HPLC applications, the critical part of method development is the transfer of first dimension peaks to the second dimension column.
Figure 3, chromatogram A shows that peaks 5, 7 and 8 disappear when they are directly transferred to the second dimension.
The second dimension, of the Miller and Friesen framework, which relates to innovation in the for-profit R&D context, is less frequently found in the library literature.
Front of box for the Wii version of Phineas and Ferb: Across the Second Dimension the video game (Photo: Business Wire)
The antics of the characters and the immersive new worlds of the video game extend the experience fans will encounter in Phineas and Ferb: Across the Second Dimension.
The second dimension concerns the eff ect on the institutions of civil society.
With typical large format 2D gels, the first dimension requires six to nine hours to run, the second dimension requires 18 hours and post-electrophoresis staining steps, to visualize the proteins, require another three hours," remarked Jay Amshey, R&D director for Invitrogen's Separations and Analysis business.
The second dimension is run in about 40 minutes, using the patented NOVEX NuPAGE(R) ZOOM Gels.
The second dimension is an extension of the Computron ASP model to other hosting sources as complementary solutions to the existing or planned ASP offerings of those hosts.
McGinness's new book, flatnessisgod, co-published by Razorfish Studios and Soft Skull Press, explores the basic practice of seeing and constructing the second dimension.