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By simply using Terracotta for Hibernate as a second-level cache, applications often see throughput boosts of ten times and database load reductions of 30-90 percent.
This entry-level server is easily upgradeable to 384MB and comes equipped with 512KB pipeline-burst, second-level cache for faster data access transfer rates.
Moreover, Hibernate provides second-level cache and query cache browsers.
NeTpower's Calisto workstations come in a standard mini-tower configuration which includes a 200 MHz Pentium Pro, 256KB dedicated second-level cache, 10/100Mbit ethernet, FAST SCSI-2, 6X CD-ROM, 16-bit Soundblaster(TM) audio, 1.
All Spectrum family members will contain an Intel Pentium processor, core logic chipsets from either Cirrus Logic or Intel, 256 Kbytes or more of fast second-level cache, and a National Semiconductor temperature sensor.