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In 'Kingsman: The Golden Circle,' secret agent Gary 'Eggsy' Unwin (Taron Egerton) must track down the psychopathic villain Poppy (Julianne Moore), who's plotting to take over the world and legalize her drug business.
Though some readers might expect to read about how these secret agents helped suppress the people and turn China into a demonic, Communist police state, the collective image of the secret agents as presented in this book is neutral, even benign, but not evil.
Now Darren must use the skills he's honed in his secret alternate life as Dirk Daring, Secret Agent, to spy on kids at school.
Interestingly, US secret agents told the Indian intelligence agencies that the US President will be accompanied by his chefs to ensure that his food is not spiked," the police officer told M AIL T ODAY .
THIS MEANS WAR Channel 4, 9pm Two secret agents find their lifelong friendship threatened when they fall in love with the same woman.
The Files Commission checked 43 members of the Bulgarian Medical Association and exposed a total of five of them as former secret agents.
A power-mad Persian cat plots to sabotage the invention in his battle for world domination, but a heroic puppy joins a force of canine secret agents to foil his schemes.
If these agents were present in Pakistan with the permission of government then it should be informed us if Pakistani secret agents were also present in Norway, he questioned.
He was already serving life after being convicted in 1997 of murdering two French secret agents and an alleged informer in 1975.
Summary: The FBI has arrested 11 Russian secret agents who were allegedly carrying out a "deep cover" spy mission in the US.
8 by secret agents dispatched by Seoul while living in exile as the South Korean opposition leader.
BRIGHT youngsters are to become secret agents tomorrow and use forensics, geography and maths to solve a special mission.