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Interestingly, US secret agents told the Indian intelligence agencies that the US President will be accompanied by his chefs to ensure that his food is not spiked," the police officer told M AIL T ODAY .
Andrey Kehayov, former head of the Bulgarian Medical Association (2002-2008) has been exposed as a former secret agent of the country's totalitarian State Security.
25pm A bumbling chauffeur steps in to take the place of a secret agent injured in an explosion.
He was already serving life after being convicted in 1997 of murdering two French secret agents and an alleged informer in 1975.
Summary: The FBI has arrested 11 Russian secret agents who were allegedly carrying out a "deep cover" spy mission in the US.
Druze chieftain and MP Walid Jumblat has called for hanging secret agents in Lebanon who spy for Israel, the leftist daily AS SAFIR reported Tuesday.
8 by secret agents dispatched by Seoul while living in exile as the South Korean opposition leader.
BRIGHT youngsters are to become secret agents tomorrow and use forensics, geography and maths to solve a special mission.
Now, decades after that long-ago mission went horribly wrong, an unknown enemy is hunting the former secret agents down.
Ofcom revealed there had been a wealth of allegations against Scap, not least from ex-FRU officer Martin Ingram, co-author of Stakeknife: Britain's Secret Agents in Ireland.
Six teenagers are selected to attend prestigious Deveraux Academy, known by the students as Spy High, for it's really a training school for secret agents.
Surely he's identified our secret agents, too, like Lt.