Section of land

SECTION OF LAND. The lands of the United States are surveyed into parcels of six hundred and forty acres; each such parcel is called a section. 1 Story's L. U. S. 422.
     2. These sections are divided into half sections, each of which contains three hundred and twenty acres, and into quarter sections of one hundred and sixty acres each.

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He said the decision was taken because the pipeline was planned to cross a section of land that is a national reserve and that local residents were staunchly opposed to it.
The Provost property in east central Alberta consists of 1 section of land and one producing gas well currently producing approximately 75 mscf/d (12 boe/d) and one shut-in oil well.
But a judge said evidence indicating there was a security threat was "wholly unreliable" and that the section of land Snowie wanted to ban the public from was "far too much".
Whoever owns the section of land where the cows do their thing wins.
We load planes up with a payload of grass seed, lime and fertilizer, and we aerially treat these areas by dumping this mixture onto a section of land that's relatively inaccessible by any other means," says Quentin Smith, environmental engineer, Inco's Environment, Health and Safety Department.
The property in question is part of a large section of land deeded to Six Nations by the government of Upper Canada in 1784 and ownership was never surrendered, Six Nations contends.
But on Saturday more than 40 competitors, including six with shire horses, each allocated a section of land, battled it out in a host of different classes.
5% interest in a half section of land (320 acres) by paying 75% of the costs of 4 square miles of 3D seismic data.
Can you see how one section of land can override another?
Working for a family trust, Lankford manages a section of land called Adobe Creek, which drains the San Isabel Forest lands known as the Wet Mountains on three sides, and provides municipal water for the town of Florence.
The woman in Mountrail county was born in 1903, married in the 1920s and lived on one quarter section of land.
Except for 1 section of land, all the leasehold acreage will have an 80% minimum net revenue interest.

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