Section of land

SECTION OF LAND. The lands of the United States are surveyed into parcels of six hundred and forty acres; each such parcel is called a section. 1 Story's L. U. S. 422.
     2. These sections are divided into half sections, each of which contains three hundred and twenty acres, and into quarter sections of one hundred and sixty acres each.

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At forty, he owned and, with the aid of two hired hands, worked an entire section of land.
The Company has acquired one section of land with rights from base Colorado to base Mannville.
The firm snapped the site up from Redcar and Cleveland Council, and in an application to bulldoze the place of worship, says: "This building is to be demolished and the new St Hilda's Church will be built upon a retained section of land to the south east of the site, leaving the rest of the land available for development.
A section of land within Newsham Park was initially placed on a controversial list of locations where building would be considered by the authority.
Dudley Council has earmarked a section of land in Clee Road, opposite the existing cemetery which only has enough space to last another 12 months.
Over the years, this beautiful section of land has been a haven for people from the densely populated surrounding areas of BirKby and Edgerton.
Hundreds of rescuers battled difficult terrain in the hunt for survivors after a vast three-kilometer-long section of land, with a volume of two million cubic meters, crashed down a slope, covering the miners' camp.
On Friday, a vast three-kilometer-long section of land, with a volume of two million cubic meters, came crashing down a mountainside, engulfing the workers' camp in Maizhokunggar County, East of the Tibetan capital Lhasa.
Northern Land Council Chairman Wali Wunungmurra confirmed that formal consultations were scheduled regarding a proposed second site on a different section of land on Muckaty Station.
In 2009 a family of four were treated in hospital after being struck by falling rocks while hunting for fossils on the Dorset beach, while in 2008 a 400m section of land slipped into the sea.
An EirGrid spokeswoman said the section of land has been cordoned off and was being protected from heavy rainfall until examinations can be completed.
5 kilometre section of land on the border with Turkey in the Evros river area, in which 200 guards of the EU agency Frontex have been deployed at the request of the Greek authorities.

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