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Among the topics are an order of mutual benefit: A Secular Age and the cognitive science of religion, the ambiguity of "post-secular" and "post-metaphysical" stories: on the place of religion and deep commitments in a secular society, the hidden quest of the West in an era of globalization: some remarks on the hidden meaning of Taylor's master narrative, secular moods: temporality and affection with A Secular Age, and reconsidering transcendence/immanence: modernity's modes of narration in 19th-century Arabic literary tradition.
Seculars don't have any parentage," Hegde said earlier in his address.
The last crumbs of secular scientific education have been removed," Feray Aytekin Aydogan, the head of Egitim-Sen, a union of secular-minded teachers, told The New York Times in June.
Julie Fahey, a delegate from Oregon and an openly secular candidate for the Oregon state House, spoke about the importance of creating a space for nonreligious people in politics.
still lingering, worst still the gory communal crimes like that of Dadri killing and the recent suicide case of a Dalit Scholar in Hyderabad - amid the many communally charged events that tarnish the secular face of the Indian Republic, we are condemned to celebrate this year our 'Secular Republic
Instead of secular, we may use the concept of the "neutrality of the state.
The country needs secular rather than sectarian parties that hold the key to democratic process.
Zuckerman argues that secular morality is built around individual reason, individual choice and individual responsibility.
He said the Constitution had an in- built concept of a secular state, which meant citizens of all religions had equal rights and status.
Synopsis: "International Intervention in a Secular Age: Re-Enchanting Humanity?
With Lessons in Secular Criticism, Stathis Gourgouris presents six essays that productively reshape these debates by tacking between the traditional formations of the secular and the religious.
Karachi -- Oxford University Press launched its latest publication Conflict Management and Vision for a Secular Pakistan: A Comparative Study by Moonis Ahmar.