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Growth is fueled by the secular trend to increased outsourcing of manufacturing, particularly increased penetration into the diversified manufacturing segment, as well as market share gains, and new customer program wins.
The competition between the two factors has polarised the Iraqi society, with the secular trend having emerged stronger than the sectarian groups (see Part 46 in fap4IrqPolarisdApr19-10).
We considered the effects of potential secular trend by systematically improving processes of care in the pre-HDC scenario, thereby decreasing the difference between the pre-HDC and HDC scenarios.
The analysts observe that if the 56% decline represents a secular trend, then in the absence of school health centers, the rate in areas with these facilities would have fallen to 73 per 1,000, or nearly twice the actual figure for 1997.
Jeff Margolis, director of Institutional Sales and Marketing at TIAA-CREE a New York-based financial services organization, has noticed that there is definitely a secular trend toward international exposure.
There may well be a secular trend that's acting to weaken the relationship between obesity and mortality," says Williamson "We've undoubtedly become better at keeping people alive.
Here, we evaluate whether this background antimicrobial use may be responsible for the downward secular trend in the prevalence of trachoma.
On the final text page of our book, we referred to the contrast between the downward secular trend of velocity before World War II, and the upward trend in the postwar period.
The time series results (Table 1) show a secular trend towards increasing affective (r = .
To that end, "given the casualization of America, both in terms of apparel and home, May plans to shift its product offering to reflect this secular trend," the report said.
This, says Valletta, is consistent with the secular trend toward rising unemployment duration that many analysts have documented.