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The fund will use an unconstrained benchmark approach, seeking lower correlation and lower volatility relative to the broader equity market to achieve more consistent returns through a combination of individual security selection, top down market allocation and active currency management.
The processes used to build the new bond portfolios rely on a combination of bottom-up security selection and top-down macro-economic analysis," said Chief Investment Officer for Fixed Income G.
has been selected by WOW's three person security selection team committee to compete in WOW's Iron Chef of Information Security Challenge taking place at HostingCon 2006 on Tuesday July 18, 2006 at the Mirage Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, NV.
The investment manager will pursue that objective through active management of interest rate risk, sector exposure, credit risk, and security selection.
Sabrient will provide security selection methodology and Claymore will provide the servicing and distribution.
PIMCO combines a "top-down" approach to portfolio strategy with a "bottom-up" security selection process in managing the Fund.
research support that is a driver to security selection across the domestic large cap products.
A growing CMBS market should insure a wide range of security selection opportunities for the fund.

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