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The aims of this study were (1) to determine the distribution of P-fractions in the surficial sediments of the large shallow eutrophic Lake Peipsi, (2) to estimate the relationships between the P concentration dynamics in the sediment surface and in the overlying water, (3) to assess the influence of [O.
5[degrees] as the optimum angle to control sediments in the intake of pumping unit III at Cansilbelafes power plant in Missouri Riverat 12% intake ratio.
The West Lafayette team added the sediments to an artificial water channel called a "fluvarium" and used swine manure minimally diluted with water to create their own worst-case manure "spill.
It is known that the distribution of sediments in the water flow is the result of turbulent mixing created by the vortices and whirlpools.
During heavy rain, 24000 km of degraded rivers pour sediment and pollutants into the Bay.
Combining results from Chico and Davis, the vegetated ditches significantly reduced total suspended sediments by 62% at 160 feet (P < 0.
Sediments were allowed to soak overnight in seawater before each trial to allow a biofilm to accumulate.
About two-dozen dams also hold sediment back from the river and its tributaries.
3 Movements inside Earth lift up the sediments and push the fossil close to the surface.
A variety of methods has been used to identify and date former glacier margins in the Rockies, including geomorphic analysis, stratigraphic and sedimentological observations, radiocarbon dating of fossil plants in glacial sediments, dendrochronology, and lichenometry.
When utilized as primary control structures, alternative structures may likely trap road sediments before reaching the forest floor.
Like any hydrological process, the delivery of sediment from any catchment area is a stochastic process, which includes deterministic and random components (Novotny and Chesters 1989).