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The answer was yes, suggesting that pigeons-like humans-use selective attention to place objects in appropriate categories.
False alarms and omission errors increased with age suggesting a decline in selective attention and ability to distinguish relevant from irrelevant information.
2) The author outlines five decision-making biases--framing, overconfidence, selective attention, information overload, and emotions--that can interfere with effective decision making and offers tips and strategies to help officers improve their judgments by recognizing and mitigating the powerful, yet unseen, sway of these psychological traps.
It is measured by a computer and tests visual processing speed, divided attention and selective attention.
He reported on 140 inpatients who took the standardized German traffic safety global driving ability test, which measures visual perception, vigilance, selective attention, stress tolerance, and reactivity.
These were: elaborating, contextualizing, reviewing and selective attention.
Selective attention is developed when the musical task created has competing attention from an additional stimulus.
Selective attention is the ability to focus on a specific aspect or characteristic of a task while ignoring all other, possibly more salient, aspects (Zentall, 1993).
NiQuitin 4 mg lozenge helps reverse symptoms associated with nicotine withdrawal including difficulty concentrating, attention deficit, memory deficit and selective attention deficit
If poor performance in the selective attention is observed, there can be problems regarding the mental model and/or the HMI design.

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