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The team led by Chris Urmson is currently focusing on the self-driving cars mastering city street driving.
While scientists have been busy with making more accurate self-driving cars, at least one set of researchers has thought even further ahead and developed a smart intersection that can manage crossing flows of autonomous vehicles.
Honda Motor Company (NYSE: HMC)(TYO: 7267), a Japan-based automaker, is planning to commercialise a self-driving car by 2020.
Companies building or working with self-driving cars would have to notify DPS before they could drive them on public roadways.
As I've said before, I reckon self-driving cars are still a long way off.
As self-driving cars move from futuristic concept to plausible technology, the Texas Legislature is looking to become a magnet for the fast-developing industry.
Renesas Electronics Corporation, a premier supplier of advanced semiconductor solutions, is easing the design complexities involved in developing self-driving car and other driver assistance systems that can offer users with a safe, secure, and convenient driving experience.
But car companies, all too familiar with the devastating financial and brand damage of recalls, would see any hiccups with the self-driving car as a threat to their main business.
The entire purpose of the self-driving car project is to make it possible for cars to react to their environment with 100 percent accuracy, avoiding the 93 percent of accidents that happen on the road each year due to human error, reports revealed.
The self-driving car will have large programs and complex software code that will require extensive testing to make the software reliable," says IHS.
Google is planning to begin testing the latest version of its self-driving car around the streets of Mountain View and other nearby public roads this summer.
Can you imagine the legal rows if a self-driving car and a humandriven one crash?