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And there is a tension to be resolved; for if at some time x is not self-existent, its self-existence at a later time will depend on something else to which it will have to owe its self-existence.
According to Sartre, under the dilemma of creation we have either pantheistic subjectivism or atheistic self-existence.
As we have seen, Sartre denies that the created being can have the least bit of autonomy or self-existence, as long as it depends on a creator.
One could argue that the temporal and intellectual aim of elites of the last three hundred years has been to "intend a mode of self-existence," and in the process to define modes for others as well, whether through political rule, commercial imagination, academic journalism, or urban aesthetics.
The Gelugpa purists' view (the purity of which Dorje Shugden is bound to protect) considers Dzogchen a delusive clinging to a type of self-existence and a backsliding to Hindu ideas that Buddhism was supposed to refute.
Because it is from the Idea of self-existence, that we infer the Perfections of God.