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And yet the key here is not that Hazel's self-knowing is directly prophetic of adult empowerment--though it may be--but rather that Bambara, the adult author/narrator, is there looking back: "That was the year Hunca Bubba changed his name" (13), she begins "Gorilla, My Love.
The ego, as a rational, self-knowing agent cannot trespass into this territory.
It's a self-knowing (for the photographer and the sitter) way of seeing.
Before that, the best modern horror movies spoke with an ironic, self-knowing teen voice.
Some, predominantly those who live in the conservative Red States, proudly see a confident, self-knowing Bush.
And that's the self-knowing, wink-wink conceit of ``Down With Love,'' a film that updates the kind of airy, make-believe bedroom farces Rock Hudson and Doris Day made together, beginning with ``Pillow Talk'' in 1959.
Leddick sees Cadmus as the antithesis of Platt Lynes: focused, self-knowing, intellectual, introverted.
And not, it should be added, the man represented in the self-knowing Cartesian cogito.
Accounts privileging the liberatory potential of revelation in Another Country often tie a transparency of unveiled meaning to the liberatory unveiling of a self-knowing and coherent subject.
4) Bryson thus argues that the perspective grid corresponds to Descartes's rational subject in such a way that both posit a self-knowing, self-certain viewpoint that is somehow removed from the material, spatial conditions of embodied subjectivity.
stands over against this pure difference which, as pure and at the same time objective to the self-knowing Self, has to be expressed as Time.
This self-knowing attitude is present elsewhere in T3 - which is as solid and unpretentious a crowdpleaser as you could hope for in a summer blockbuster sequel.