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Galenica's GPI-0100 series are safe semi-synthetic derivatives from certain natural saponins which have the capability of stimulating Th 1 immunity with production of antigen-specific cytotoxic T cells (CTL) that will seek out and destroy cells carrying abnormal markers such as viral or tumor antigens.
Galenica's proprietary technology comprises three families of semi-synthetic immune enhancers, or adjuvants, which are used to stimulate the immune system.
According to him, research has shown that many customers rate synthetic motor oils as being superior to semi-synthetic and mineral oils on their ability in improve engine performance.
The rising use of synthetic, semi-synthetic, and vegetable oil base stocks in place of conventional hydrocarbons is projected to raise the loading factors of certain additives that extend the useful life of lubricants while improving performance.
The joint venture production of semi-synthetic dialyzers in the US which started mid last year will - with increased capacity - be fully ramped-up by year end.
So production of adequate supplies of paclitaxel and precursors used in semi-synthetic processes may ultimately rely on biological processes like cell culture," Gibson says.
Heroin is not "an essence of morphine"; only one of many semi-synthetic variants of morphine, it is favored by addicts because its superior fat solubility transports it more readily across that pesky blood-brain barrier.
The first five range from 30 to 100 times sweeter than sugar, and the new semi-synthetic analog is about 150 times sweeter.
There has been a noticeable shift towards synthetic oils as the most popular type of motor oil amongst consumers, whereas previously lower priced semi-synthetic and mineral oils were the market leaders.
Lot2 - Oil 5W50 (gasoline engine) or equivalent - 10 liters, semi-synthetic oil 10W40 (petrol engine) or equivalent - 150 liters, semi-synthetic oil 10W40 (diesel engine) or equivalent - 300 l.