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SEN. This is said to be an ancient word which signified justice. Co. Litt. 61 a.

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In the light of these and other comments, Mr Sen has been suspended from Ukip with immediate effect.
On April 9, Sen told me that we are going out on some work.
During the final round it was tie between Aishwarya and Sen to win the Miss India 1994 title.
Mr Chatterjee said Sen "combined understated sensuality, feminine charm and emotive force and a no-nonsense gravitas to carve out a persona that has never been matched, let alone surpassed in Indian cinema".
While taking out the SEN measures from the Education (Wales) Bill makes sense, there are still questions that need to be asked regarding the time it took for the Welsh Government to listen and do something about it," he said.
Hun Sen, who has been Cambodia's prime minister since 1985, has in response vowed that the business of the assembly and government will proceed with or without the CNRP's participation.
Another aspect that was a major concern in supporting students with SEN is failing to modify the curriculum well enough to meet the needs of SEN students.
Sen is a 58-year-old paediatrician and public health physician with a 25-year record of providing health care to the Adivasi people of Chhattisgarh.
The Japanese use sen in many applications, from furniture and cabinetmaking to more utilitarian items, including tool handles.
But in soft multiculturalism Sen in particular sees an essentialization of one identity, generally the religious.
To make sure that the test wasps had enough to eat, Sen set dishes of food just outside the nests.