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744 that were adopted by the Senate Judiciary Committee will improve the treatment of unaccompanied children, strengthen protections for those detained for immigration purposes, and offer more fair and efficient processes for refugees and asylum seekers," said Hartke.
1658, The Civil Asset Forfeiture Reform Act, had been tabled several times by the Senate Judiciary Committee before last week's action.
Orrin Hatch--who happens to co-chair the Federalist Board of Trustees (with Robert Bork) at the same time as he chairs the Senate Judiciary Committee.
The Senate Judiciary Committee made important progress today, but it's up to their peers in Congress to be bold and follow suit," Mayors Against Illegal Guns Co-Chair and Boston Mayor Thomas M.
Angelides supports the bill passed by the Senate Judiciary committee this week, according to campaign spokesman Brian Brokaw.
In fact, the September exchange went so well that McConnell, who before the nomination was an obscure law professor at the University of Utah, invited Tafel to sit behind him the following day as he testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee.
The rhetoric reached a crescendo in late November and early December, when the Senate Judiciary Committee scheduled four separate hearings to question Ashcroft about the administration's proposal for military tribunals, his own refusal to release any information on the hundreds of people in custody, and maneuvers such as monitoring conversations between detainees and their lawyers.
The Senate Judiciary Committee, of which Hatch is the chair, sent out "feelers" for a bill and held a hearing on the general topic of protecting religious liberty last week.
The Senate Judiciary Committee approved the nomination, however, And some senators cited division in the civil rights community.
Anderson's disclosure came as the Senate Judiciary Committee was considering the nomination of Kleindienst as attorney general to succeed John Mitchell, who was leaving to manage Nixon's reelection campaign.
The provisions in Senator Cornyn's 'SKIL bill,' as well as similar provisions in the two versions of comprehensive immigration reform introduced by Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist and Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Arlen Specter, address our critical shortage of scientists and engineers.

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