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If we have only sense strand nucleotide sequence, then we can extract anti-sense strand nucleotide sequence.
In this final question, I deliberately presented a DNA sense strand with base sequences that were different from those used in the role-play.
One point is gained if position three (from 5'-end) of the sense strand is A, another one point is gained if position ten is U, but minus one point is assessed as penalty if position thirteen is G.
an asymmetrical chemical modification design, where the modification in the sense strand cannot be used in the antisense strand.
They start with a copy of the double strand of DNA making up the original gene, and perform a role reversal so that instead of the sense strand molding sense RNA, the antisense strand molds antisense RNA.
Activity is maintained with a nick at almost any position along the siRNA sense strand - as long as the two fragments of the nicked sense strand retain sufficient base-pairing free energy to form the duplex.
Once the double-stranded (ds) cDNA is formed on the plate, the sense strand of the cDNA can be easily dissociated from the plate and is used as a template for gene amplification procedures to detect or quantify expression of various genes (Fig.
Off-target effects are likely to occur when the sense strand of the RNAi fails to guide the gene silencing process properly.
The new amplification method has the potential to amplify either the antisense or sense strand of RNA, thereby providing versatility for application to any type of microarray.