Separate Maintenance

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Separate Maintenance

Money paid by one married person to the other for support if they are no longer living as Husband and Wife. Commonly it is referred to as separate support and follows from a court order.

See Alimony.

SEPARATE MAINTENANCE, contracts. An allowance made by a husband to his wife for her separate support and maintenance.
     2. When this allowance is regularly paid, and notice of it has been given, no person who has received such notice will be entitled to recover against the husband for necessaries furnished to the wife, because the liability of the husband, depends on a presumption of authority delegated by him to the wife, which is negatived by the facts of the case. 2 Stark. Ev. 699.

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This agreement often precedes a divorce or separate maintenance decree and may be incorporated into the final decree.
Once established, a common-law marriage valid under local law is recognized as a marriage for federal tax purposes and because there is no common-law divorce, continues to be recognized until the couple legally separates under a judicially ordered decree of divorce or separate maintenance.
The IRS disallowed the amounts, noting there was no court decree of divorce or separate maintenance and no formal separation agreement in effect during those years.
However, it is rebuttable if the transfer was pursuant to a divorce or separate maintenance decree, part of a property settlement related to a divorce or had a principal purpose other than the avoidance of tax or payment of tax.
Predictive maintenance technologies--this is a huge topic that could and should be covered in a separate maintenance conference.
A fixed wall was built first, to separate maintenance and painting bays.
Alimony and separate maintenance payments can be deductible from income by the payor under I.
a) decree of divorce, separate maintenance decree or
Today, UTA operates 129 light rail vehicles, 35 commuter rail cars and more than 600 buses and maintains these vehicles through nine separate maintenance facilities.
The conclusion of a separate maintenance agreement for the aforementioned large vehicles for the period of 10 years.
Patients without disease progression by Immune-Related Response Criteria (irRC) for at least twelve weeks after starting treatment with ONT-10 were eligible for a separate maintenance protocol in which the same dose of the immunotherapy was administered every six weeks until tumor progression.
Provision of repairs and patches to software (whether as an entitlement following an original sale of electronically delivered software or under a separate maintenance agreement).