Separate estate

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SEPARATE ESTATE. That which belongs to one only of several persons; as, the separate estate of a partner, which does not belong to the partnership. 2 Bouv. Inst. n. 1519.
     2. The separate estate of a married woman, is that which belongs to her, and over which her husband has no right in equity. It may consist of lands or chattels. 4 Barb. S. C. Rep. 407; 1 Const. R. 452; 4 Bouv. Inst. n. 3996.

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Within the context of French old regime society, anticlericalism can thus be construed as a gamut of sensibilities and challenges manifest throughout the population toward the material, juridical, honorary, intellectual, spiritual, and supernatural advantages ascribed to the clergy as a separate estate.
Separate estate taxes can affect estates valued at more than $600,000.
The three brothers eventually filed for voluntary chapter 7 protection in the Central District of California, creating three separate estates, each with a respective one-quarter interest in the life insurance asset (Bijan Navabian (Case No.
He also produces wine on four separate estates, including three in Italy.
The pair pocketed EUR523,000 from 12 separate estates by forging wills, letters and other documents in a seven-year scam, Southwark crown court heard.
A masterplan for the area, drawn up last year, aims to create a new community of people renting and owning their own homes and living together, rather than being segregated into separate estates.
Three separate estates areas were shaped by previous male employment patterns: mining and labouring, skilled trades and professionals.
The fact these two separate estates are working together buying and selling from each other is an example as to how we should be working.
He was convicted of stealing a total of pounds 154,918 from six separate estates.
Hunt contributes to the convincing case that separate estates were arranged, often in trust, to ensure middle-class women's personal control over resources.
The Resort actually began as three separate estates.
The fact that two separate estates are working together buying and selling from each other is an example as to how we should be working, ensuring local food is made more readily available while utilising the skills available in the North-East.

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