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Seizures are a common cause of emergency paediatric admissions to hospitals in developing countries and also a risk factor for long term neurological and cognitive sequalae and epilepsy.
Early protective ventilation strategies (4), caution with recruitment manoeuvres and timely treatment of any sequalae should result in improved survival from this form of ventilation induced lung injury.
At present, no known and proven treatment exists for the neurocognitive sequalae.
This website has stories of individuals and families who experienced the sequalae of methamphetamine use (DEA, 2008).
Breast conservation versus mastectomy: distress sequalae as a function of choice.
Following application, the infant became seriously ill, with sequalae including exacerbated and disseminated dermatitis, irritability, and albuminuria.
The long-term solution to this problem lies in prevention of prolonged labour and its sequalae by the development of a comprehensive health system and the provision of accessible emergency obstetric care for all pregnant women.
There were two reports of asymptomatic transient phrenic nerve palsy with no clinical sequalae.
Whatever the reason, the metabolic consequences seem mild, and the normal methionine suggests that the babies are protected from the serious sequalae of [B.
Inflammatory and coagulation processes are thought to play a key role in coronary artery disease and its sequalae, although there is discussion whether they are markers of disease or play a causal role.
Neurochemical and behavioral sequalae of exposure to dioxins and PCBs.