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In addition to its generic affiliations, the often simultaneous publication of Mountie serial fiction in Canada, America, and Britain blurs the boundaries between domestic and foreign constructions of a national mythology, just as it calls into question the authentic Canadianness of its authors at a time when national identity was a key value in determining membership to the field of Canadian literature.
I am indebted to Elizabeth Morrison for much of the information about the 'Literary Supplement' which she researched a few years ago for her study of serial fiction in Victorian newspapers.
In addition to involving such controversial subjects as the interrelationships between high and low culture and the component differences between material and nonmaterial texts, the essays in this special focus section explore the manner in which we receive and interpret a wide variety of texts--from works of popular serial fiction and the transhistorical literary imagination through film adaptation and popular music.
From corporate documents to serial fiction, TINKERING uses a variety of sources to document influences on early inventors as well as profiles of their changes.