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Seven Virtues, which includes an Afghanistan Orange Blossom fragrance, aims to give farmers an alternative income by growing the ingredients for perfumes instead.
In the middle parts of the book there is important and suggestive discussion of the seven virtues McCloskey thinks paramount: love, faith and hope (Christian and feminine virtues), courage and temperance (pagan and masculine virtues), and prudence and justice (androgynous virtues).
Beginning with a basic tribute to the ancient philosophical discussions of the seven virtues, Dr.
That document listed seven virtues for consecrated life today:
At the age of 18 Poppy launched the Seven Virtues range of lipsticks named Liberty, Integrity, Courage, Ambition, Inspiration, Unity and Virtue, and was so successful that she was feted by glossy magazines the world over and even gained entry to Who's Who.
The compiler of L has shaped the middle part of the sentence so that it reflects the contents of his own volume, where expositions of the seven deadly sins and the seven virtues do indeed occur, along with 'o[thorn]er smale [thorn]ynges'.
This motif can be traced back to Ezechiel 40-44 (the prophetic vision of the Temple of Israel), to 2 Chronicles 3 (Solomon's construction of the "House of God" made of Lebanon cedar, especially the passage consecrated to the erection of the two bronze columns), and to Proverbs 9:1 ("Sapientia aedificavit sibi domum, excidit columnas septem"), a verse which, as we shall soon see, finds a distinct echo in the chant royal of Creti n, a chant royal whose motif is architectural and in which the seven pillars of Wisdom represent for the devotees the seven virtues of the Virgin, the miraculous perfection of this Chosen Vessel.
At a minimum, then, these seven virtues are required for integrity because they are required as the general goals of police organizations.