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But Mother Nature pushed the area toward a remedy in 1994, when a severe drought forced Vicuna to conserve electricity.
Tree-ring evidence, allowing reconstructions of the levels of precipitation, indicate that the worst drought to afflict North America in the past 500 years also occurred in the mid-16th century, when severe drought extended at times from Mexico to the boreal forest and from the Pacific to Atlantic coasts (6).
After two months of severe drought, sheets of rain and violent winds lash Algiers and nearby areas over the weekend, killing at least 579 people, with 538 dead in Algiers alone.
Severe drought in northern China led to protests Wednesday as farmers pushed off their land by water shortages demonstrated against government policies intended to force them to stay put, according to a Hong Kong-based human rights group.
Sugar production exceeded last year's total by 6%, but cane production, affected by severe drought since last December, was substantially lower -- 285,376 tons, or 12% -- than in 1998/99, which meant that more sugar was produced from less cane.
Kenya's tea production fell to 248m kg last year from 294m kg in 1998, mainly as a result of severe drought that persisted for most of early last year.
High death toll in China The severe drought in northern China between 1876 and 1879, in which up to 13million people died of starvation, is considered to be the worst in history.
Food prices have shot up in Indonesia over the past year because of a severe drought, a crippling economic crisis that sparked a collapse in the rupiah currency, and alleged hoarding and smuggling of food.
A severe drought last summer, followed by the worst heat wave in 92 years, forced the country's Communist leadership, which had long preached a doctrine of self-sufficiency, to plead for outside help.
A severe drought in Northern Mexico and the devaluation of the peso had prevented the Mennonite migrant workers from returning to their farms in Mexico as usual.
With our severe drought these past few years, wind power is giving us a boost.
These projects allow us to protect the use of this valuable resource during these severe drought conditions, said Caltrans District 5 Director Tim Gubbins.
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