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During the suit, no comments or allegations were made that indicated sexual attraction was the motivation behind the sexual harassment.
The programme has exclusive access to the couple, as it follows their fight, and delves into the psychology and genetics at the heart of Genetic Sexual Attraction, exploring the damage it can cause to the couples and their families.
On the other hand, sexual attraction to boys is generally more solidly anchored in an individual than such attraction to girls.
Disrespect for women has always been a problem in the area of sexual attraction and lust.
Tripp's book 'The Homosexual Matrix', which was published by McGraw-Hill, put forward new ideas about sexual attraction and sold nearly 500,000 copies.
Yes, he argued, the ghosts are real, "trying to relive a passion through the young people," but there seems to have been no sexual hanky-panky in their past and certainly no sexual attraction on the part of the governess toward the boy, Miles, as Luc Bondy suggested in his Aix-en-Province/Wiener Festwochen production seen at last summer's Edinburgh International Festival.
But sexual attraction may be a far more typical motive; much "harassment" is merely a clumsy attempt at flirting.
While never denying the existence of individual choice or the realities of romantic and sexual attraction, she insists upon exploring fully "the bounds within which they existed" (32).
Tester's first book, Darling, was a tender novel cum prose poem about a boy's sexual attraction to the family cow.
There is an immediate sexual attraction that Audrey struggles to deny .
The parolee assured officers that he could manage his sexual attraction to children.
This might show up as a sudden intuition that danger lurks nearby, or it can send people knock-kneed over sexual attraction, while others might have an uncanny ability to predict the future.

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