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However, most of these studies have focused on the prevalence and types of sexual disorders and have paid less attention to the treatment dimensions, including training, consultation and pharmacotherapy.
conducted a study in Spain in 2001 in order to investigate the incidence rate of sexual disorders following consumption of antidepressants.
10] For the International Classification of Diseases-11 (ICD-11), however, it has been proposed that compulsive sexual disorder be included as one of the impulse control disorders.
The various ailments treated by the Marma TMP included respiratory disorders, fever, gastrointestinal disorders, malaria, leucorrhea, hypertension, pain, stone in kidney, urethra or urinary bladder, jaundice, typhoid, piles, skin diseases, sleeping problem in females, sexual disorders, epilepsy, hydrocele, and helminthiasis.
Thibaut F, De La Barra F, Gordon H, et al; WFSBP Task Force on Sexual Disorders.
If it were included in the DSM-5, the diagnosis would neither add to our tax burden nor raise health insurance rates, as most mental health coverage today already excludes sexual disorders treatment.
These are troubling precedents for paraphilias and sexual disorders, since they are now beginning to be treated more frequently with SSRI's, which, not coincidentally, are now coming off patent as antidepressants (See, e.
Frequent causes of sexual disorders are diabetes, alcoholism, drug addiction, intoxication, metabolic disorders.
Two experts on deviant sexual disorders who interviewed Mr.
The horse riding therapy can be used in addition to main treatment of many diseases, including palsy, autism, scoliosis, radiculitis, phlebeurysm, cellulitis, urogenital and sexual disorders,\" the doctor explained.
Physicians' concerns regarding the amount of time necessary to address sexual disorders during the office visit are not well founded?
Scientists in Italy studied male patients with sexual disorders, including a lack of desire, impotence and an inability to reach orgasm.