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androgens and PDE5 inhibitors, are utilized for reduction of sexual disorders in women (56).
Moreover, 58% of the patients had experienced sexual disorders after using SSRIs and 60% had weak tolerance toward this problem [10].
A diagnosis such as hypersexual disorder or compulsive sexual disorder may assist clinicians in patient care by providing a set of clinical criteria.
Changes in Terminology for Sexual Disorders in DSM-IV," The Psychiatric Clinics of North America 18: 107-121.
But, firstly, the signs of increasing potency have short duration, and secondly, in the future they inevitably give way to a decrease of sexual desire, erection, and to some serious sexual disorders.
Other specialists explain that homosexuality is not necessarily a sexual disorder but could just be a whim.
A case series of women evaluated for paraphilic sexual disorders.
But that very tolerability has led to them being prescribed for a host of new maladies: mild depression, phobias, obsessions, posttraumatic stress symptoms, anxiety disorders of any kind, eating disorders, excessive shopping, hair pulling, skin picking, religious scrupulosity, sexual disorders, gambling, aggression, environmental sensitivities, and slow eating.
Fred Berlin, founder of the Johns Hopkins Sexual Disorders Clinic and a professor of psychiatry at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, declares: "Some research suggests that some genetic and hormonal abnormalities may play a role [in pedophilia].
placed in an institution for kids with sexual disorders," recalls Duff, whose mother did not respond to telephone inquiries from The Advocate.
In its latest publication it states: "Help is available for those who suffer from sexual disorders in much the same way as it is for those with alcoholic problems.
The figures showing that sex offenders have a lower rate of re-arrest than other violent criminals do not surprise Fred Berlin, founder of the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine's sexual disorders clinic in Baltimore.