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Shambler says that Dubai's estimated 500,000 Blackberry customers are more concerned about losing access to their services than they are about being spied on by the government.
Thomas Shambler is the features editor of Stuff Magazine Middle East.
Robert Bloch: probably best known for Psycho, began writing Cthulhu Mythos tales in his late teens; modeled a character in "The Shambler from the Stars" after Lovecraft; best "mythos" work is "Notebook Found in a Deserted House.
Other death-defying creatures include the Scrag, a hovering amphibious beast who shoots missiles with deadly accuracy; Zombies, dead humanoids who rip chunks of flesh from their heads to hurl as a weapon; Death Knights, deadlier cousins of the Knights with powerful charges emitting from their swords; the underwater terrors -- giant piranha-like Rotfish; the Shambler, an abominable beast that rips attackers with his giant horned hands and blasts them with deadly accurate super-bolts of lightning; the Vore, a fearsome ancient spider-like creature; and finally the Chthon, a gigantic lava-dwelling beast.
Thankfully, this passing traffic has been blocked in recent years as a close Shambler Watch is now kept on the door.