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5, graphs for the estimated isoperimetric shape factors are plotted against the increasing volume of the particles, with different colors for each class.
First, shape factor K, which controls the shape of the cylinder and the rotor, is considered, using the same eccentric distance and the ideal design of the inlet and outlet (the intake and exhaust are controlled by the valve on the inlet and outlet) as a basis.
Figures 6-19 show the effect of pigment shape factor and loading, baseboard, RH and temperature, and calendering on water vapor and gas permeabilities.
Based on the extreme value theory we are going to study the tail behaviour of shape factor.
The shape factor may be estimated for values of n by the method of Miller (17), or 1/[lambda] may be computed for a specific shape and fit to the equation [k.
In a first approach and according to its previous definition, different shape factors are obtained varying the values of n (Table 1).
2004) used a simple finite element model to determine shape factors that allowed the complex 3-dimensional air flow distribution at the end of an embedded tube to be approximated as 1-dimensional flow for a limited set of conditions (homogenous porous medium, isotropic with respect to permeability; Liang et al.
Thus, the higher the shape factor, the lower the platen forces.
For characterizing the deviation of cross-section of as-spun fiber from the original die shape, a normal characteristic shape factor [[Florin].
DeHoff shape factor F is a global image characteristic, which takes high values for elongated structures and converges to one in the case of a perfectly isotropic structure.
The shape factor of a sample is the ratio of the area of one compressed face to the area of a sample allowed to expand, as shown in figure 1 (ref.
the exponent of the pore radius, and the shape factor S were correlated with soil properties.