common descent

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DNA analysis threw up a few other surprises, including a potential shared ancestry between the Hardy Speckled, Kerry Hill and Beulah breeds.
Ms Hodge said: "I've got shared ancestry with my friend in Canada.
If you don't explicitly consider such exchanges, these admixture events get confounded with shared ancestry," he said.
35) provides a prequel that brings these first books together, providing a prequel that considers the shared ancestry of the first two title protagonists and the third protagonist of Neb the Great, raised to conquer until a woman changes his life and gives him sons who will change history.
Holbrook learned they were 9th cousins, with shared ancestors in the 1700s, and 13th cousins, with shared ancestry in the 1600s.
This supports our belief that the gestures that apes use (and maybe some human gestures too) are derived from ancient shared ancestry of all the great ape species alive today," said Hobaiter.
We joke about it," Ferguson said their shared ancestry.
The two books under consideration are quite different, the first being a history of Christian Arab tribes in pre-Islamic times, while the second is an anthology of essays reflecting on the theory and practice of Jewish-Christian-Muslim dialogues in contemporary Germany on the basis of a shared ancestry in Abraham.
The eccentric Egyptian claims he has a shared ancestry with the Scots.
The closing keynote speaker, Spencer Wells, spoke about population genetics and human migration, as it traces our shared ancestry as humans and connects the world's populations.