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Despite his formidable intellect, Grogan's love of practical jokes and pranks saw him sent down from university - following his part in herding a flock of sheep into a tutor's rooms that promptly set about devouring the carpet and furnishings and leaving the odour of a shearing shed.
Photo: Shearing shed in New Zealand Pavilion has sheep seats up front; lights dim and sheep in video stare out at sheepish audience
Examples of this shearing action can be seen in the Open and YFC Shearing competitions being held in the shearing shed at the event.
Away from the shearing shed, butcher's daughter Julie Evans achieved a lifetime ambition when her eight-year-old Cob mare Haighmoor Glain swept to the George Prince of Wales Trophy.
Tomorrow, the shearing shed reverts to national competitions including the Junior Championships, the Wales YFC championships and a Wales versus New Zealand test match.