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The lactation failure is common and the lack of the prolactin response to administration of TRH has been suggested as a sensitive test for screening of patients with suspicion of Sheehan's syndrome.
These findings on MRI characterize Sheehan's syndrome and provide early confirmation of the clinical diagnosis.
As the clinical features of Sheehan's syndrome are often subtle, years may pass before a definitive diagnosis is made.
In diagnosed case of Sheehan's syndrome, if a finding of pancytopenia appears and workup for haematological disorders proves uncontributory, it can be safely ascribed to the Sheehan's syndrome itself.
A case report of Sheehan's syndrome with acute onset, hyponatremia and severe anemia.
Hyperprolactinemia in patients with Sheehan's syndrome has been reported, but is extremely rare.
Also majority of patients with Sheehan's syndrome do not have hyperprolactinemia in spite of severe central hypothyroidism.
In the literature only few reports are available on the early diagnosis of acute-onset cases with severe signs and symptoms; here we report the case of a woman with an early diagnosis of Sheehan's syndrome.
Clinical examination, laboratory findings and MRI imaging were suggestive of Hypogonadism, hypothyroidism, Hypoprolactinism and hypocortisolism confirming Sheehan's Syndrome.