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The cracked to broken egg ratio was significantly affected by both hen genotype and rearing system, while the shell-less egg ratio was influenced by rearing system only.
Invertebrate life, including hydrocoral (not a true coral), cowries and nudibrancs, colorful shell-less snail-like creatures, cling to the rocky point that rises more than a hundred feet from the ocean bottom.
I n Ziichtung (Fertilization), 1998, wearing pristine lab coats and dainty blue gloves, they peer down microscopes; in Schnecken kommen (The snails are coming), 2000, the pair hoe cabbages while unpleasantly large, shell-less, mutant snails wriggle around their shiny boots.
The approach uses a shell-less chick embryo model implanted with human cancer cells.
Newborn, free-swimming, microscopic, shell-less, eyed larvae are quickly placed in a special, warm tank in the hatchery to set on shell fragments, which are crushed up primarily from surf clams.