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By contrast, the Jewish-Greek LXX translators preferred content-based titles; for them, Shemot or "Names" became instead [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII], "Exodus.
Makom, "place," and shem, "name," are familiar designations for God; the plural shemot refers to the worn pages of sacred texts that require a reverent burial, and the genitive form shmot is the Hebrew title of the Book of Exodus.
The Sages wrote that God was also captive in Egypt, "living in pain just as the Israelites were living in pain" (Midrash Shemot Rabba 2:5).
Jellinek (Vienna, 1876), 3: 44; Yalqut Shime oni, on Shemot, 1: 173; Midrash ha-gadol shemot, ed.
Given what we have seen so far, we cannot help but notice the fact that this section of the Torah has been associated with the word, shemot (names).
Weiss suggests that the negative effects of modernity can be combated by brit 'ging alive the intellectual conflicts between science and religion by teaching the Creation story in Bereish it, religions' demand of morality in the Akedat Yitzak, freewill and divine justice iii the Pharaoh narrative in Shemot, theodicy and the problem of evil in Sefer Iyyov, and the ultimate meaning and purpose of life in Kohelet.
The texts are primarily taken from Shemot, Devarim, Isaiah, the Psalms and Proverbs but it also includes the Kaddish and the Shema.
The poem takes the form of midrash shemot, those after-the-fact etymologies that purport to explain the meaning of names.