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The two were also the only shepherdesses in the area.
SHEPHERDESSE a female shepherd; also, a shepherd's wife.
The earliest recordings were made in 1970 and include some from people born in the 1880s as well as miners, beekeepers, teachers and shepherdesses.
In that sense - and this is not intended as a personal attack on your columnist but rather a debating argument - is it not like Marie Antoinette and her courtiers playing at shepherdesses in the lavish and grandiose court of Versailles in pre-revolutionary 18th-century France?
Boston Ballet makes it a pastoral scene, complete with shepherdesses and lambs; at San Francisco Ballet, three French dance-hall girls swirl ribbons while flashing lots of leg; a trio in 18th-century garb dances to the flutes at Houston Ballet.
And the men, who play everything, as they once did in Renaissance theatre, from shepherdesses to tyrants?