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We get the expression for the mathematical model of digital filter with shiftable phase-frequency response characteristic.
Otherwise, the prediction error is either embeddable or shiftable.
Best guess is that, while Mr Graham is not for turning - he won't shift on the "service" thing, and that's not going to happen - Mr Franks' position is shiftable.
7-litre V6 engine, coupled with a six-speed shiftable automatic transmission, purrs with perfect precision.
In this assembly, the focussing is put into practice by adding a shiftable concave mirror, placed previous to the actual scanner system.
2 litre V6 engine coupled with a six-speed manual transmission or Audi's manually shiftable Tiptronic six-speed automatic, while the S5 convertible will be available with a 354-hp 4.
Mechanically, the WG 90/94 powershift remains similar to the previous generation, a power shiftable forward-reverse shuttle group with integrated torque converter and a central, engine-dependent PTO.
Four removable, shiftable weight cartridges enable finite ball flight presets.
Allen wrench, screwdriver), sub-sub-subclass 442 (inserted portion having relatively movable components), sub-sub-sub-subclass 443 (having camming or wedging element for moving components), sub-sub-sub sub-subclass 444 (axially shiftable element located between and wedging against components), and, finally, sub-sub-sub-sub-sub-subclass 445 (with threaded surface for cooperating with mating-tool structure).
In contrast, direct taxes were understood not to be shiftable or avoidable--the burden was assumed to be borne by the party on whom the tax was imposed--and the potential for governmental abuse was therefore greater.
The optional, manually shiftable Sentronic automatic makes easy work of selecting just the right ratio for best advantage of the 210-hp turbo lout's ample torque.
For example, a bank's creditors would be likely to view a combination with a risky commercial firm--that is, one that might produce shiftable losses--as dangerous.