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SHIPPER. One who ships or puts goods on board of a vessel, to be carried to another place during her voyage. In general, the shipper is bound to pay for the hire of the vessel, or the freight of the goods. 1 Bouv. Inst. n. 1030.

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com partnership model brings immense benefits to retail shippers, because now all they have to do is integrate with this platform and approve an advertiser to attain instant revenue to fill their bottom lines.
The plaintiffs asked for and received a temporary restraining order against Tomato Shippers to prevent it from touching the account until a hearing, which is scheduled for Nov.
Some major shippers have already expressed interest to the Seaway corporation in using an Interlake service for consumer goods.
To have a cutting edge over the competition, gas transporter should be equipped with software tools in order to serve the interests of gas consumers, shippers and suppliers in a transparent, reliable and economic fashion without hassle.
For shippers, reducing trucking time is like putting money in the bank," says Frainey.
These efforts were driven by the increased demands of shippers coupled with industry overcapacity, which served to drive prices down.
CPR introduced the Chemical Shipper Safety Award last year, recognizing the performance of shippers in 2000.
In my opinion, this contract will also provide Department of Defense shippers with significantly more and better service to ensure cargo is delivered," said Priber.
Earlier this year, Fujifilm introduced the first in the Fujifilm Data Tape Courier line - a single-use shipper especially designed for the safe handling and transport of small quantities of midrange and enterprise data cartridges from one location to another.
Shippers Point's growing client list of manufacturing companies and member truck companies is becoming a list of who's who in American industry.
His Ottawa-based group represents 130 shippers from the industrial and retail sectors, and lobbies on behalf of buyers of freight services.
Higher fuel prices are affecting shippers and transportation providers on a global basis," says Dickinson.